Monday, June 4, 2012

Gift Bags

Soon I will be heading to a scrapbook retreat YAY!  I'll get to see, once again, a small group of girls I had the pleasure of meeting last year along with a bunch of other girls I've never met but have chatted with almost daily.

I'm so very excited!

This past weekend, my goal was to make each member of our small group a little gift.  I made a visit to Sign Sealed Delivered Annex in Springdale, Arkansas (you know, the people who now own Tattered Angels & Canvas Corp? love love love) I picked up some T.A. & some C.C. brought it all home to start working.  These are just two of the bags I made for my girls.

Each bag has a name card made from frame mat, stamped & embossed with a white flourish (each different), their name stamped in black, the a spray or glam or glaze over the top.  each has a flower (either handmade or store-bought). each has dangly  items that remind me of that person or reflects a favorite color of theirs.  Some are very elaborate some are very clean & simple.  All are made with love & stuffed with goodies!

Can you tell how excited I am?  I can't wait to see my girls!


  1. Gorgeous! Wish I was one of your girls! ;)

  2. I can't wait Paula! Three weeks from today, we will be in the SAME ROOM! AAAAAAAAA!!!!!! Luv ya bunches!!! <3 <3