Tuesday, August 18, 2009

2010 Calendar Pics

I didn't put them in order, but the tops & bottoms are matched up. I started with January doing the tops and am working backwards on the bottoms. I'll post more later! Hope you like them!
OH! Don't forget you can click a picture to see it larger! Go ahead, give October a try & take a look at the spider web :-)

Monday, August 17, 2009

2010 Calendar Class

We had a great time & got a really good start on our calendars for 2010! I'm making 3 so it's taking me a little long to get finished than most and I still don't have my pictures printed off to add to them. Currently I have the top part of all three finished for each month, simply have to slap down the correct pics and that part is finished ~ wahoo!

Right now I'm working on the date part of the calendar... due to some bad info I received about the size to pre-make my squares, I'm having to cut them down even smaller and doing a upper right corner date or just re-stamping the date on each square (did this once due to a cutting error on my part, lol) I will most definately post some pictures as soon as I get some taken - maybe tonight?!

Next class: Twitterpated - tooooo stinkin' cute for words, we'll do the scrapbook & card portion of the class so we'll get the biggest bang for our buck! You're gonna love it ;-)