Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stacey's Curtain Call Color Challenge: Act 23

Here's the challenge
Here's my entry:

Kind of plain...hummm, but I like it.
Cardstock & Ink: CTMH; Stamp Set: Technique Tuesday; Ribbon: Wal-Mart

Blue Easter

Ink & Cardstock: CTMH; Stamp Set: PaperTrey Ink; Paper: uuuuu, a paper pad I got on sale at Hobby Lobby (cannot remember the name of it, if you know please post for me!)

Pink Easter Cards

Cardstock & Ribbon: CTMH, Stamp Set & Patterned Paper: PaperTrey Ink,


it's all the same as before, but I wanted to use my group name as my blog name... I'm just a little obsessive! lol But if you've found me & decided to follow me again, Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! If not, I'm sorry to see you go :-(

I'm working on a plan (family has no idea) to get in more "during the week" time in the attic to do challenges & such resulting in posting more often :-)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Picture Perfect Creation - Design Team Call!

Get yourself over & check it out! Megan does great weekly color combo challenges & is looking a 7 people to apply for a design team. Here's a link to her blog with the scoop: I put in my 2c tonight, come join me! You're all more creative than you give yourselves credit for.


Make A Splash!

I have a thing for Technique Tuesday tiles... they're just too much fun! I had used the interior part of this wave on a previous page of mine, so it was perfect to use the exterior portion for my mom's page.
First Page:

More Technique Tuesday tiles... the ship, bubbles, and anchor
Second page:

I added liquid glass to the bubbles, waves on the paper, and bottom of the boat

Ike's first family Christmas photo

I fell in love with this paper at one of the 2009 Scrapbook Conventions I went to with Tricia & just HAD to have it, but they were sold out of the kits so I went ahead & purchased individual sheets eventhough they were overpriced! lol

Growing fast fast fast

Van's first hiking trip to Devil's Den State Park
Van's 2nd Birthday Party
Van's photo from daycare
Van, another daycare photo
Creative Memories papers & stickers (really old stuff)

Animal Crackers

The ribbon reads "Counting Our Blessings" and we definitely were very blessed. Our oldest son as a baby, super healthy & happy, and our first "baby" Nanny, an English Pointer... best dog ever!
isn't that cute, Nanny's tongue is sticking out like Van wore her out

CTMH: Animal Crackers paper & CTMH: retired ribbon

She is Beauty and Grace

Yep, another pic of my mom... I think she's so pretty, but I could be partial.

CTMH: retired paper, current butterflies & flowers

Little Animal

My oldest son @ 8 months, OMG he was SO cute! Now he's 12 and not quite as cute... good looking, yes... but not THIS cute!

My Niece, Brooklyn

she was such a chubby baby... but I always compared her to my oldest son who was always slim for his age... she was a cutie tho. Since I have two boys, I really enjoy scrapping my mom's photos of my nieces. Brooklyn is the oldest, so, of course, I have the most pictures of her!
CTMH: Jingle apper
Rock Star paper
Grandma's Kitchen paper pad
no clue where this paper came from

My Sister & Nephew

This is just one page in a whole stack I've done recently for my mom of her pictures. My sister sent these to mom for Christmas one year, but I couldn't find the date.
Papers: CTMH Emporium

My beautiful Mom

had her glamor shots done a few years ago. I think she look awesome

the last photo has a weird reflection of me taking the picture of it... but I already had the camera put away so I'll live with it.

I stickled the flowers on the left

PPC-CC#6 and Stamping 411-SSC144

Whew, life has been so busy lately! But thank goodness I took time tonight to play in my attic. Since time is short for me for another week or so, I combined PPC Challenges with Stamping 411 again... for some reason, these two challenges just work great together! So here's my dual entry:

Inside of card says "You brighten my day!"

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

More pages & better pictures

Some of these pictures I've posted before, but I didn't think the pics were worthy of the pages so I retook them today.

This one I added the large ruler to the right side of the page, I like it much better now.
I did this page today of my mom & her husband

Girly Girl KIt

I found some old Creative Memories kits, plus a huge box of colored chipboard die cuts, and (of course) my circuit! So funny, I went & borrowed a cart from my friend, Meg for a butterfly, only to get back home & realize that my Indie Art cart has a beautiful one. But once I saw that owl, I had to use her cart anyway.
I went a little overboard and stickled the butterfly & the large purple flower.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sample kits for the Kids

Here are two of the kits I've already put together.
So far I haven't purchased anything to create the kits. But yesterday I order some printed papers & cardstock. I'm low on ribbon already but since that is a danger, I'm sticking closer to paper ribbon stickers instead. I've used my cricut to make some die cuts & Ike has punched out stars for me, he's such a little helper & loves the idea of helping out others. I have made a really big dent in my old stash that I've been wanting to get rid of so this project is not only good for cleaning out the Attic, but good for my soul as well.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm a follower

not a leader! I realized that today when looking over my blog. I am following 74 people, but there are only 24 followers for me. As I've always said, I'm a wallflower... it's not so bad here

Just can't decide

those 3 previous posts of the pages I got done at KISS crop & shop are all very washed out... don't know if it was the camera (I used my son's, not my DSLR) or the lighting (we were in a church annex) or maybe a combination of the two. Maybe I'll retake a few of my favs & repost those, like the one of dh & I... man, were we thin! lol

Sunday, March 14, 2010

KISS completed

my mom, Sally, and my Aunt Sarah
Last but not least, my mom back in the early '70's as a model. She was HOT!

That's it for my show... all totaled up, I got 16 pages completely finished at the 12-hour crop.

A little about KISS crop & shop Spring Fling. The CROP part: You got an awesome "pot of gold" and I used at least half of the items at came in mine that very day. There is this thing called a "paper trail" that is just great; attend & you'll find out what that's all about. The SHOP part: Shannon has all kinds of page kits just waiting for people to purchase; not to mention brads, flowers, adhesive, etc.

Next one is at the end of July. We're going!

KISS crop & shop continued

Monte Ne is a resort that is now lies under the waters of Beaver Lake. For some strange reason I only got a picture of the first page:
Proof that my boys could actually play together. My title "Quit Pushing Me Around" is due to their constant fighting now, not then:
My husband & myself:
Van as a toddler would go out into his Papa's garden, grab a tomato off the vine, and just start chowing down:

KISS Crop & Shop, March 13

Satuday, Tricia & I went to our very first KISS Crop & Shop. As those of you close to me know, I don't (as a rule) scrap away from my room... why go somewhere else when you have it all at home?! lol I'm pretty spoiled by my room so I was very nervous about packing to go to this 12 hour crop. First I decided that I didn't have enough of my own pics prined so I'd work on my mom's backlog of pictures. I went thru & choose which ones appealed to me to work with. Then I matched those picture groups with papers, embellishments, ribbons, fibers, stickers, blah-blah-blah, then put that entire set into a folder. When I arrived at the crop I had 38 pre-planned layouts (single page countes as one, double as two). The next few blogs will be of some of the pages I did.

Ike swining at the UofA:
My boys (no, they definately are NOT angels!)

Brookly, my neice:

My boys, aren't the pretty boys?

Van, my oldest. My mom's best friend from my childhood sent us these Calvin Klines when he was born. I couldn't resist a play on the old Brook Sheilds ads:
Stay tune for more, feel free to comment now or later or both :-)