Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update on The Attic

Many of you know that Ron & I have been desperately trying to find SOMEONE to build the addition for us that will provide interior stairway so an appraiser will count the bonus room as part of the house & we can upgrade our driveway with the extra money we might possibly have..... nobody wanted to touch it! I had two different contractors come out & take a look, one never called us back & the other isn't liscensed and since we're in the city limits he can't pull a permit although he is insured. Soooooo yesterday I put on my thinking cap, made some revisions, met with the original contractor last night and he's on board! He's going to work up a price for us so we'll know if it's a go for interior stairs or if we skip the improvements to the house & just do the driveway! YEA!

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