Sunday, March 3, 2019

Time Out House Retreat

I know I don't post often but I did go to a newish Craft Retreat House
this past weekend and thought I should do a little write-up
about it!

Time Out House Retreat is located in Gore, OK, USA
they can also be found on Facebook

True to what their website states, your GPS really will
NOT get you to the house! You do have a short dirt road but it is not difficult to find! My first impression was it looked like a very small & plain house then I went inside!

>   >>   >>> Interesting Decor in Living Room >>>   >>   >
just don't rely on any of the clocks to have the correct time
although one time the clock I called out happened to be stopped only 
5 minutes from the actual time, which threw me off because I
kept thinking it was right! LOL

We entered the Craft room first which is conveniently located
by the drive & parking area. That made unloading/loading a snap.
While there are tables & bedding for 10, there were only 4 of us this time
(an unfortunate bout of the flu took out our 5th). We set up the craft room in zones for
paper crafts, a pour paint station & our various tools we took along. The house
offers many tools (Big Shot, Cricut, guillotine cutters, various papers & embellishments)
for an attendee to use!

 First room sleeps 3
 Second room sleeps 4
Master Bedroom sleeps 3
We had 2 in the Master and 1 on each of the other rooms. All of us
agreed the beds were very comfy. I thought the sheets smelled
especially good and were very soft, a friend mentioned
how great the pillows were!

Front Bath
Master Bath
Both bathrooms were very clean and tastefully decorated, nothing super elaborate
but really who needs that? The towels were clean & fuffy and plenty of them
were provided along with soaps, lotions & air fresheners. Plus a place
for dirty towels was provided in each (I really like that!)

 Chat Area (sit & visit or dress up & have a photo shoot with
items found in the wicker basket)
 Toasty (electric) Fireplace in Living Room
 Nicely stocked kitchen (appliances of all kinds), beautiful dishes & cutlery, plus
bake ware and lots of hot pads & kitchen towels.
Dining table that seats 8 plus 2 at the adjacent bar lets everyone
have a place away from their crafty space for meals & snacking.

 Yep there's my car parked right in the middle of the driveway but since
3 of us rode together it was ok, only 1 other vehicle needed a spot. 
I love this loop drive! Next time we go there will be more vehicles
and we know we won't have to worry about someone being blocked in!
This is also a part of the loop drive and at the far end of the house
past those chairs is a parking area our other friends van is parked in.
I am standing in the doorway of the outside Craft Room door to take these two pictures,
you can see it is super close for unloading/loading and with the ice & snow
that we got, it worked great for us!

At the moment, March 2019 there is no central heating or air conditioning but
the owner has gotten a price to put it in and has plans to make that happen!

The rates are very reasonable and the owner is really nice! I recommend this house
to you & your 9 closest friends