Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Percy Jackson

My younger son, Ike, is 8 (soon to be 9) and in the third grade. He went to his school library today and checked out Percy Jackson & The Olympians, The Lightening Thief... which we already own the entire series at home - crazy kid! But he's so excited! We've decided that instead of carrying the school's book here & there, that he would use our copy but at school he can read from theirs. We made a mini folder for his to track what page he's on. The, of course, he needed book markers... yes one for home & one for school!

I gotta say, he did a great job on choosing papers & ribbons, plus he did all of his own stamping. The only thing I did for him was the embossing on the booklet. My little crafter!

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