Thursday, February 18, 2010

Help me, my peeps!

I would like one, maybe two new Cricut cartridge but don't know what to get. In case you're one of my OOF's (that's Online Only Friends), here's a brief description of my personal life.

*I have a husband of forever (been together for over 20 years).
*We have two boys, 12 & almost 9.
*We are outdoorsy people... camping, hiking, mountain biking, just being one with nature (aka lounging in the hammock at a campsite) plus we live in the woods.
*I totally love my Jeep Wrangler & my high heal boots.
*I have a bff (I've had her longer than dh) is one who would never sleep in a tent and loves her big jewlery... we like our cocktails & beer, she's the center of attention & I'm the wallflower
*I work full time for a Civil Engineer.
*I also always wear makeup & love my long hair, so I have a touch of girly in me ;-)

You could always cruise thru some of my previous posts to see what I'm all about... mostly my fam

I need a couple of suggestion on which cartridge you think I'd really get a lot of use out of. I have two (no clue what they're called at this point as I am at work, heehee).


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  1. I think it depends on if you want font cartridges or shape cartridges. I think you would like Stretch Your Imagination. It has some funky shapes to match the holidays. I think it would be fun for boy pages and cards. I have Alphalicious and Mini Monograms as two of my font cartridges. Alphalicious is more girlie and Mini M has a variety of letters. Oh another one you might like that I just got is Graphically Speaking - it has tons of hip phrases, graphic shapes like arrows and @ signs. I used a great high heel shape from it for my Valentine cards - see my blog -