Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Oh what fun.... (HEAVY on photos)

I had at the Crop Chocolate Spring Thing!

Here I am in my Sister Mooses room watching Pam do who knows what with her papers.----->

<-----Jeanne, gettin happy with her Diet Coke

A few of the Moose Sisters goofin off with Alfac, our mascot & Gwen's hand puppet ----->

<-----Here I got a pic of Rachel taking a pic of the helicopter at the Cancer Center just before a car came barrelling out of the parking deck toward us.... think of a Chinese Fire Drill gone bad!

Now Joyce, you nutty lady, you fit right in! ----->

<----- why yes, this IS the only way to eat a cookie & scrap at the same time!  thank you Shawna for the beautiful demo ;-0

My sweet, sweet Michele... I wanted to just take her home with me! ----->

LB....!  and

<----- Shopping the Warehouse Sale that was brought TO US!  how easy is that?  

I'm not holding just the camera but also a box filled with mine & Gwen's shopping spoils

Here is Laci setting up the cards I made to take a pic of.  It was fun watching her set them all up, then a gust of wind blow them down, she'd set them back up again... she's a determined little thing! ----->

Most of the scrappers

Last but not least if my friend, Rachel doing an impression of how I make a card:

A very special thanks goes out to Jon & McCall Nelson (owners of Crop Chocolate) for their hospitality

Until next time CCers.... I love you all!


  1. OH Paula, thanx for posting my cat walk debut. The Spring Thing was even more fun than I expected. I still maintain you are the McGyver of cardmaking. Obviously none of it rubbed off on me. I was such a pleasure to meet you and scrapbook in your shadows.

  2. Thanks for the pictures, Paula. That looked like soooooo much fun. I love the video. Awesome. And I am sure she is quite accurate. lol

  3. LB, I think you are right! Paula IS the McGyver of cardmaking! Seriously Paula. You can have 5 things in front of you and make 20 beautiful cards in 10 minutes! I wasn't kidding in the video! ;) And like LB, none of your creativity seemed to rub off on me while we were there. Even though I was sitting right behind you. Oh well. Maybe next time!

  4. LOVE the pics! I guess I should post some too huh? Well I'm so glad I turned my desk around so I could sit there while you made tons of cards while sharing unhealthy caffeinated snacks. Thanks for being my table buddy! ~ Laci