Sunday, July 15, 2012

Altered Art Fun

My niece Autumn is here for the week & of course, we have to get our craft on!  Today was making a little crayon art on canvas, plus painting a little wood birdhouse and making this in-a-former-life-I-was-a-pizza-pan gift for her older sister who just moved away from home :-(  I know Autumn is going to miss Karya like crazy but she's trying to also be supportive, she's already been thru the mad stage I think.  This is her loving gift to Karya.  I think she did a great job, ok I did most of the labor but 80% of the artistic goes to her... it's so bright & cheery how can you not smile when looking at it.

Another  in-a-former-life-I-was-a-... project was known as a cookie sheet.  one of my besties youngest child & her husband just bought their very first house!  I was so excited for them, I wanted to make a gift... Their last name is Wilson & the paper has little words of gratitude and love printed all over them.  Plus blue is a favorite color of theirs so this was a no-brainer for them.

I received a forwarded text earlier today with the words "I love it" so I think this is one very successful gift!

She even bought paint for their living room that coordinates with it

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