Wednesday, July 11, 2012

6x6 Paper Pad Storage Tutorial

This is my newly revamped 6x6 paper storage... I think it looks a thousand times better so I thought some of you might like a little tutorial on how to make these boxes (except the far left yellow box which is just a Kleenex box wrapped in paper for all those MME Titles & Sayings I have acquired)

1. Trim a Heavy 12x12 Cardstock sheet down to 12x10

2. along the 12" sides, score at 2" & 8" (or 2" on both sides)

3. along the 5" sides, score at 5" & 7" ( or 5" on both sides).

After scoring you should have a non-scored area of 6"x2" in the center of the cardstock

4. using scissors or timmer, cut along two sides of 2"x2" square that is centered on both sides... DO NOT REMOVE, leave attached adjacent to centered 6"x2" piece

5. add adhesive to outside of one 6"x2" & 2"x2"flaps, plus on inside of the other 6"x2" flap.  Stand up 6"x2" with adhesive on outside in first, stamp up 2"x2" flap & attach to first 6"x2", the stand up other 6"x2" flap (the one with adhesive on inside) and attach to other two.  Repeat on other side of box.

TaDah, here is your finished box.  I sort my 6x6 page by manufacturer because I normally know what I want to use.



  1. this is great!!!!! thanks for posting.

  2. this is great!!!!! thanks for posting.

  3. Great idea! As usual, you are so resourceful and organized!
    You should be a craft space professional organizer!!!

  4. Great idea Paula! Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Thanks for sharing Paula! Neat & economical way to organize!

  6. What a GREAT idea!!! I'm going to do this for mine and now I'll be able to find them . . . right now they are in stacks. Thanks for sharing!!!

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