Saturday, October 15, 2011

Unity Addiction bit me in the ...

Craft room!

yep, today I received my awesome order from Friday only to realize I was out of space in my CD holder storage!  ACK!  Time to re-organize to open up one of my spare CD holders that was chuck full of twine from The Twinery (yes I do have spools of ALL the colors).

I stood, I scratched my head, I said "hummmmm, what to do..." then that light bulb went off *ding*

The answer: move the twine to the curtain rods above the bag containing that color! YES!

and the stamps?  Well, the faired just as good with room to grow!

oh yeaaaa, I likey!

Next item that will need more room to grow:
Tim Holtz Ink, spray, etc


  1. I love the twine mixed in with your bags of embellies! I just want to get my hands on all your stuff!

  2. wow ..look at all your stuff!!

  3. Great idea, I love the idea of sorting the bags by color. I need to do something and may borrow this