Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last Weekend, This Weekend

yes, I've finally got Christmas 2009 FINISHED! I'm just too excited that I get to move on :-)

This beautiful picture was taken early Christmas morning after spending a couple of days with my Dad Jim, Step-Mom Jan, brother Jimmy, his girlfriend Wendy, and my niece Autumn. This is the town of Webb City, Missouri and it was just picture perfect as we were on our way to Ron's parents house.
just one of the details:
Now we're at Ron's parents house. Some of you will notice that only one child is in our picture.... tweens often choose when to bless us with themselves in family photos, at this moment we were not blessed!
Speaking of the tween, here he is turning 12 which is actually a couple of days before Christmas. Here he and some friends play darts & pool in my scrap attic:
My younger son & a buddy see whose "Strategic Moves" win:
And Finally back to my in-laws house for two of my favorite pictures of the holiday... nothing like shooting your sibling and running amuck to say "Merry Christmas"
I hope you've enjoyed my Christmas in the summer to help cool you off. I will be on vacation very soon and scrapping/stamping will be one of the things happening.

I normally like to list products used, but as I posted so many various pages it was just too much of an undertaking. If you would like to know about one product, please let me know!

check out my post about the "No Paper Buying Challenge"!

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  1. Great job! My fave is your snow page it is stunning!