Thursday, September 4, 2014

a new challenge to me

so on facebook I stalk this page called
All Our Challenges Are Here
and seriously, there are A LOT of challenges posted there all thru the month!
Today I saw one from Drycha
to DRAW a watermelon
I really don't draw
I have never even taken an art class
but I was game because,
well no real reason
I think watermelons are pretty
and tasty

so here is what I came up with

this was my inspiration I found via Google

well, what do you think?
nope, I'm definitely not an artist
but this was FUN


  1. Good job and you most definitely are an artist!

  2. Very pretty interpretation! I'm so happy that You drew this! Thanks for joining us :) Don;t forget to jon our next weekly drawing challenges :D

  3. wow Absolutely love this, this is great, your shadowing and the depth of the layout is perfect!