Saturday, January 8, 2011

Flower Tutorial

What?! Paula doing a flower tutorial? Yes, that's right... I would have done a video for you but 1. I'm still in my jammies & 2. me+needle=bad words... you're welcome ;-) Now on with the "program"

The supplies: 2 different ribbons, for my flower ribbon I used 8" of CTMH 3/8" ribbon and 2" of a very different one from Hobby Lobby which is labeled 3/8" but really doesn't it look about half the width of the CTMH stuff? hummm... you'll also need a needle & some matching thread
starting at one end of your wider & longer ribbon, zigzag your threaded needle (with a knot in the end) thru
Leave about a 3" tail, go ahead & cinch it up pretty tight & tie a knot in the ribbon (I found it make it easier for me because if I get interrupted or drop it then it doesn't all come undone)
Proceed zigzagging as before until you reach the end of the ribbon, cinch & knot but don't cut your thread. Fold the shorter & narrower ribbon in half. Starting at cut end, zigzag your thread thru
should look something like this, then you will push the needle & thread back down the center where you just came from. Tie off & cut the thread.
Here are the triplets I made this morning
and in profile (really I just like this picture so I HAD to include it)
I hope my tutorial has helped you make your own little flower, I think they are just adorable & the perfect size for oh say an ATC!

The finished product ends up being about 1" around and about 3/4" tall


  1. Lets put these on my list of "I want to do, when I come to the attic!"

  2. Awesome tutorial!! I love those flowers, yes the profile pic was necessary :). can't wait to try these!