Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Music to my Ears

I know you've seen this layout before.... a couple of times, but I have news!
Some of you know that my oldest son who is 12 has been invited with 39 of his choir-mates to sing at Carnagie Hall in NYC in Feb. 2011. While this is a great opportunity for these kids, the trip is very expensive... airplanes, hotels, food. The University of Arkansas has agreed with helping to pay $22,000 to help offset the cost to parents which leaves each child & chaperone with a balance of $1,500 that we have to pay monthly installments on. Good News, the UofA is 1/4 way there already! My husband decided that he should be a chaperone on this trip so we have double the cost coming in at $3,000 that covers the basics.

My family has been wonderful making donations to us and we had our deposit paid for us by two sets of Grandparents... thank God we have four sets! If any of you would like to help, one of Van's Grandma's is working with a Jordan Essentials Consultant, Marti Gibson, who is willing to give us her entire profit. Here's how to shop: go to Jordan Essentials, Marti Gibson by clicking HERE, then click on SHOP NOW at the top left corner by Home, the select Jan Achey's SHOP NOW, you will go to another screen to make sure that is the person you want and click on SHOP NOW under Jan's name and address. The proceeds to toward Van & Ron's trip. The products will be shipped directly to you!

I will keep you posted on our progress. Also we will have other fundraising ideas to try... next month we will be picking up, bagging & selling pecans in our town. Thank you so much for helping my son attend this wonderful learning opportunity!

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