Friday, July 23, 2010

Moved the Scraproom

Some of you know about the attic.... it's really the 22'x24' bonus room above the garage which I have been fortunate enough for have a very generous husband, letting me have the room along with the pool table & dart board (aparently it can't all be about paper & ink!)
My friends are WONDERFUL coming over every month to scrap with me, but I gotta tell you.... I get lonely up there by myself on the other weekends & feel guilty for leaving my boys downstairs for "me" time.
This week, my boys (not including my husband who just had shoulder surgery a week ago) helped me over my furntiure down to our old office, which was our guest room & our guinea pig's room... now it's my scrappy space & the piggy's room :-) ROOMMATES! They too stinkin' cute & they talk to me, I'll never be alone again! My new space is MUCH smaller than my old, this room only measures 8'6x9', yep that's right this was a voluntary move. But I think it's going to work out much better. Here are some not-quite-finished-moving-but-almost-done pictures:. Please excuse the crappy pics! My dearest has aparently been playing with the camera settings again without bothering to change them back to "normal person" mode... View from the back hall:
Doorway to Living Room:
Area behind where I will sit - note proximity to all my favorite things (note items stacked ON shelf will not be there - this will either be the computer spot or the Cricut area - haven't finalized that yet):

This is my shelf on top of a shelf system I've got going... stacking homemade bookcases to go up instead of out. In the Attic, I went out... way out... and it was totally a pain to get to stuff. Now almost everything is within a very short roll:

Things left to do... re-hang the quit rack & replace my Great Great Uncle Leslie's World War picture, buy a couple of curtain rods to move my easily lost little things from the attic (these will go behind the lamp shad in that first picture of the blue room), hang some miscellaneous shelves around for bottles of this & that (I'll have a "spritz/mist" shelf!), get cricut & computer in their places. I'll get some GOOD pictures when the madness is finished! Thanks for looking :-) My sweetheart did tell me last night that if I don't like it I can always move back up! :-)

EDIT: Just for clarification... I'm not totally giving up the attic. We'll still use it for our monthly crops! I'll just have to lug upstairs what I want to work on. Now the boys won't have to ask me to clean off the pool table so they can play or move the folding tables our of the way of the dart board. I better put a pad lock on the fridge up there or my soda will all disappear!


  1. Wow! I am amazed that you and the boys got that done so quickly! It's looking good...I bet the piggies are very chatty. I can't wait to see it all in a couple of weeks :-)

  2. I have my daughter's room upstairs and the dogs can't come up because they can't behave. I too feel guilty being up there away from my husband and my dogs and my 21 year adult son (who probably could care less)

  3. Wow mama! That's awesome I was morning the loss of your attic for a bit but you seem happy about the move! I wish I could be as selfless as you because I need me time, then again with all the little monsters I've got sometimes mama just needs an hour of quiet a few days a week ;) I can't wait to see pics. I have a bookshelf that has glimmer mist and stickles but I keep my spritzers else where I can't wait to see how it turns out!!

  4. It looks much better than I expected. I think everything will be easier to get to while you're scrapping. Can't wait to see it in person :)