Saturday, June 26, 2010

They met... they married

I was cruising around the Rogers Mall and saw a really nice cafe style (croch rocket) motorcycle so I pull in to talk with my friends who were standing around, complimented the bike and met the owner very briefly. A few days later I stopped to talk to the same friends and made fun of an El Camino, turned out to be the same owner and he loved that thing... OOPS! So a few days after that, I'm driving along and a guy on a motorcycle is cruising the Mall and waved, so of course I had to chase him down to see just who it was, stopped & talked again briefly. That Saturday I stopped by the Honda shop to ask him out, this worked out just fine. Four years later, we got married & today is our 17th wedding anniversary! Here we are all these years, two boys, gray hairs & wrinkles later :-)


  1. Mariah sayS Happy Anniversary! I wish you happy anniversary also...

  2. Love the picture, my favorite couple! Happy Anniversary!