Saturday, May 8, 2010

Leilaberry's Swing

Oh, my Aunt Leila... so many many MANY stories about her. The matriarch of our family. She wasn't only my Aunt Leila, but my mom's Aunt & my grandpa's Aunt... that's right, my Great Great Aunt Leila. Fondly known as Leilaberry. My tag reads

"My Great Great Aunt Leila made the best jelly which I named "Leilaberry" as a child. There could be a receipe somewhere, but it would never be the same... she always grew all her own fruit! Any time we went to Aunt Leila's house, you could find us girls on the porch. Auntie sitting on a chair she drug out, mom & Aunt Sarah on the steps, with Leslie and I on the swing. Through years of use, it showed it's age when I inherited it. My loving husband restored it for me."

Scarlet Lime’s February 2010 Kit: American Crafts Paper-Botanique Virginia (floral) & Wanda (birds), I Do Peonies (pink & white), Thickers; Remarks Stickers-Starling; Lilly Bee Design- Brown Flower; CM light green ripped paper; Kitchen Classics Cookbookin Metal Charms-Home Baked; Misc.-yellow lace & buttons

This page looks so much better in real life

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