Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Most of you know that I'm a tree hugger at heart... I love my trees, I love all trees. They do so much for us and don't ask for much in return... except to be planted. Well, here's your chance to get money for trees to be planted FREE in the state of your choosing! Of course, I've already used my vote & planted it right here in Arkansas but you can choose your own state if you would like. For my Canadian friends, please consider choosing Arkansas since you heard it from me :-)

Just click on the tree at the top of this post & follow the directions! It'll help us all breath a little easier :-)


  1. Im now a tree hugger :-)

  2. so did you vote for your state or mine? LOL

  3. ...well since we really are neighbors. I went with mine. We need a nice tree lined drive for when we visit eachother. :-)