Friday, May 22, 2009

22MAY09 Scrap Addict's Attic

I thought that maybe all the girls that don't get to come scrap in the Attic would like a peek...

The Sewing Station... during a crop we put food on the right end of the table, potluck style. Wonder Woman is a painting on canvas. Eventually this corner will go away when we have the money to add another staircase and this ceiling will then be a full 8' tall.
This is sitting in my chair (note placement of television for scrapping along). The taller "table" infront of me is actually our pool table, I keep it covered with a sheet to keep the felt top clean from scrap dust. The tan table on the far side of the room is for my boys to do their crafts on.
Here's my table when stand infront of the tv. To the left of the dartboard is my embelly cabinet, below and to the left of that is my mom's stuff (she just leaves it at my house).
The "cube" cabinet it my newest addition (need to get a good pic of it alone, it's awesome) and my old drafting table is perfect for setting eyelets & printer storage.
I love my room so much! Dh has been very generous with letting me have this space to myself with the exception of the addition of the pool table. When we want to play pool, I just fold up the tables and lean them against the front of my "cube" cabinet 1. it's out of the way and 2. it keeps small hands off my stuff ;-) We've had 11 scrappers working at one time in the room, sardines!
Hope you like it!


  1. Looks like you've got yourself a pretty sweet scrapping station. You said you left me an award?

  2. I love wonder woman!!!! Love your crafting space!!! Very nice!!!