Friday, October 13, 2017

Kansas Scrap & Quilt Retreat

The week school started this year, my girlfriends from all over the U.S. got together for some scrappy and not so scrappy fun! I have missed these girls (along with all my other friends from all over the globe) and the fun just didn't stop rolling. So here's my brief review of:

Our location: Valley Center, Kansas which is just outside of Wichita
(borrowed from their website)

There is loads of parking spaces, we had this driveway pretty full but still room for more cars! Let's see if I remember correctly, there were three cars from Kansas, one from California, two from Colorado, and one from Arkansas. My one and only negative about this location is the entrance has a couple of large steps. I would like to see them add a ramp for rolling carts full of scrappy & quilting supplies in easier.

Kitchen (aka The Hub):
(borrowed from their website)

The Kitchen (aka The Hub of all activities) was very nice, large, easy to have multiple people in. All the normal appliances which all worked ;-) Lots of pans & dishes for us to use. After we jammed this refrigerator full, there was another downstairs. Perfect!

(borrowed from their website)
This sweet area is where there are limited supplies you can buy and also you can dig thru a stack of things if you need just that right piece of paper or whatever. I left several things and took a few. I love a free trade area!

Relaxing & Getting away from the action
If you need some down time from your frantic crafting, you can go down to the basement where there are comfy sofa & chairs, plus tables & games, tv, etc. We didn't' really utilize this space except for that extra fridge

 Master Bedroom & Bath, located on main floor. There are 4 single beds. Also on the main floor is another full bathroom.
The back bedroom, located next to the full downstairs bath/laundry, 4 single beds.
The front bedroom, located next to the downstairs family room, 4 single beds.
And the single room. For us, this ended up being the non-snoring room... actually our other non-snoring person left the room while we were going full-steam.

When the action is going:


 (The view from my spot)

The owner of the house even stopped by to make sure everything was going good. I think she was checking up on Jeanne & Pam who are known instigators of all kinds of shenanigans.

Basically I loved this place! It's a five hour drive from my house, which isn't terrible. The house is laid-out nicely and it is roomy (if you don't pack an SUV full like I did). I HIGHLY recommend giving this location a try!

Time to get my crafty on ;-)

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