Thursday, May 28, 2015

Art Journal Update

I have been having So Much Fun with Donna Downey's Inspiration Wednesday
Art Journal classes (one every other Wednesday for 2015)
of course, I'm two lessons behind
meh, oh well... it's about the fun learning process and I'm having a great time

I'm just going to list what I remember doing different from the class
and these are in reverse order of classes (most recent shown first)

the most current one... well I changed A LOT about it since I didn't have the same paints or the paint marker and I don't care for the face stencils so I swapped that for this very cool bird, used an old Methodist Hymnal for my printed parts and used this awesome diamond stencil instead of the script, oh and I added that black framework that I think really makes it stand out.

this one I used the exact same paints as Donna but she went one layer further with black & I decided to keep it more nature-ish, I went with smaller wood letters so I could change up the sentiment by adding "me", and on the flip of the inclusion (back side of ing) I wrote "a better version of" so when it's flipped it reads
"be a better version of me", I also added butterflies {I obviously have a problem there}

 I didn't have all the supplies Donna had... made my own "wall tape" using cardstock & a hole punch, I didn't like all the black she had so I just used the Fine Liner to make tie-shaped scribbles, wrote my own thing on the left side and I added BLING!
This one I chose to use this paper that I've been hoarding for many years now because I love it so very much, the butterfly I stamped & hand-cut (it's double sided as well, kinda a sandwich so you can see this exact same thing on the flip side) 

 now This One, oh this one I adored and the same niece did as well, so our first shot at it again 16x20 canvas but in my Art Journal I changed up the tags to metal rimmed round and skipped the spray painting, used a different stencil on the inclusion and I don't have copper metallic paint so I went with gold and I left off the inspiration word but I'll tell you, the one hanging in my living room says
"Breathe it in, Let it out"

 this one is SOOOO not my favorite or any where even near "like" but hey, I did it
I used a stencil I had on hand, added the butterflies & made them this yellowish/greenish color and added the huge floral stamp

 this one I didn't change much on, I used orange, a different sentiment, the dotted stencil and for the nest I used old ripped up blue jeans - This one my 13-yo niece & I both loved so much that we made 16x20 canvases

Well now, on to the lesson from two weeks ago!

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  1. These pages are amazing! I especially like the "Becoming me" one and the one with all the metal rimmed tags