Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Crib

no not my whole house... just my crafty space!

I dug out the old crib springs & cleaned them up while I was waiting for the family to get out of bed this morning.  This afternoon after all the gifts were opened, a trip to my oldest son's best friend was made for their exchange & back home again, my handy dandy husband made blocks for the wall & got it hung up for me!  I think it looks FANTASTIC with a few cards I've received... I'll add more as I get them so maybe some time in the future if you send me a card you might just see it on the crib wall!

Here's what that whole corner/side of the room looks like:
my room isn't a very big room plus it has a double window (6' wide x 5' tall) on the back wall, a single glass door to the kitchen, and double glass doors to the living room... wall space is prime real estate in my world!

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