Friday, April 15, 2011

Vintage Revivals

insanely creative Mandi @ Vintage Revivals plus sponsors are giveaway a.................

ROOM MAKEOVER!!! At YOUR house! with THEIR stuff!

Why am I telling you this... I am NOT going to enter, I know you were worried about that! That's right, I'm one of those people (control freaks) that actually like the way their house is painted. When we built our house (that I designed thankyouverymuch, hold the applause) I was also the painter, went to the paint store to have it all mixed up & was told "I have never mixed this many colors of paint for one house before" by the paint dude. No I don't have pictures with me (at work), maybe I could add some later if I can edit out the dirty (could be a problem as my 2 month old brand spankin new vacuum BROKE! ack)
Here's a quick breakdown of the color by room: First Floor:
Living Room: Taupe, but not just blah Taupe I've been told by friend the "perfect" shade of Taupe with large tile fire place that has an Oak with Cherry inlaid Mantel & Uprights that my father-in-law built for us (it is beautiful)
Dining Room: mediumish Greenish Bluish, ok I really don't know the name of it but it's swirled with the color of the kitchen which is actually one large room with a cooking island in the middle
Kitchen: Bordeaux Purple with medium Oak Shaker style cabinets
Crafty Room: Midnight Blue
all other spaces, aka Entry, Powder Room, Laundry Room, Stairwell: Pale Lemonade
UpStairs: Master Bedroom & Bath: this one is kinda a weird color but it's a muddy olivish greenish brown but it works with the purple & gold sheers on the windows - people are always surprised that they like the combo
Oldest Boy's Room: Top 2/3 Sky Blue, Bottom 1/3 Dirt Brown, 18" Band in middle all around room Orange (plus I cut out guitars on my Cricut E and hung on the walls, 100% teen boy approved room)
Younger Boy's Room: you know those paint cards with 6 colors of paint on them... I had them ALL mixed, taped off the walls & colored from the top with the darkest color down to the floor with the lightest then blended between the two colors where the tape was... stamped some silver stars on the ceiling and falling down the walls
Boy Bathroom: under the sea... ragged the leftover blues from Younger Boy's Room onto the walls then stenciled & stamped sea creatures everywhere - it may be time to upgrade this room since I now have a 13 & 10 yo but they haven't complained yet - trust me they are very vocal!

So if you're still awake at the end of your mental tour of my house, go take a gander at Mandi's offering if you need a room redo in your house - maybe you'll win!

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  1. I am not entering her amazing giveaway either but just had to stop by and say what a nice comment you wrote to her. You sound brave with the paint... I am too much of " its gotta blend person" have a great day, blessings~ barb