Friday, January 29, 2010

Composition Notebook for ME

I'm a tree hugger at heart... although I do work as a project designer for a Civil Engineer, therefore destroying trees for various developments. Sometimes it's really hard to do, especially after I go on a site visit and actually "meet" the trees, good thing they don't let me out of the office very often or I'd be fighting with them even more than I already do.

To help with the pain of all the dead trees in my scrapbook room (in the form of many many different papers), this Die Cut With a View paper is...... R E C Y C L E D! Imagine my pleasure when I saw that, I didn't even wait for a sale (very rarely happens that I don't figure out some kind of special to get). TADA, here's my very own compo notebook that I'm takin to work!

and I'll confess that I had a very hard time choosing between this beaver (cuz I love his little teeth) and the skunk saying "Stinkin' Work", but I was afraid of clients seeing the skunk and taking it the wrong way... I played it safe

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