Friday, January 2, 2009

too much time with my kids?

it's amazing how much I really really like my job (MAN, I hope JT doesn't read this one!) I've been off work since Christmas Eve around noon & have spent approximately 98% of my time with my family... this, I think, is possibly the most time I've spent with them since birth - amazing how, much like maternity leave, I want to go back to my office. Don't take me the wrong way here, the guys at work are very childlike... but I don't have constant arguing and whining, that is only occasional at the office, where with my children it is pretty much during all waking hours. I think at this point (day 9.5) I am almost to the point of either being deaf or well apt at tuning them out... I'm actually enjoying SOME of the time we spend together. We have had fun playing the Wii (they're sore losers, but then I don't "let" them win either). And today we all shared a giggle while driving by a truck that had turned over on the highway. Ron (the lucky dog) gets to go back to work on Monday while I'm not returning until Tuesday... however, I'm scheming a way to go back for a few hours on Monday - those guys have GOT to miss me by now! I think I'll take the boys with me to share the joy of motherhood...

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