Monday, November 24, 2008

Gearing up for holiday

This year Thanksgiving is at our house. As you know, there are 4 of us... 2 boys, dh & myself. Along for the holiday this year are the following: dh's parents & his brother who lives with them; my mom, her step-son & his 3 daughters (oldest is 8); my adoptive dad, his wife & my older brother; my real dad, his wife, my younger brother & his daughter. That makes 19 of us this year. The bonus room is ready for game playing - pool table, dart board, tv, and board games - room is neat & clean.... wait a minute! Ya'll remember that this is also my scrap&stamp room...eek! It's all gone into hiking and (hopefully) safe from little hands. I've folded up the 8' tables & leaned them again the front of the storage bins for my s&s stuff, then hung a heavy green material over everything, using uphosltry tacks to attach it to the ceiling - it's all "out of sight/out of mind" right now!

On Friday, we're making new shelving! WAHOO!! I designed it and will post pictures when it's complete & in place.... until then here's the basic idea. The wall it has to go on is only about 40" tall since it's the "attic" over the garage. The unit will be 15" cubes (similar to the ones from Ikea); only 2 cubes tall, but 6 long... giving me 12 cubes that my paper racks will slide neatly into! Can't wait to show it off....

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