Wednesday, October 29, 2008

CTMH 6x6 Accordian Album COMPLETE!

This is CTMH 6"x6" Accordian album. Interior papers are from CTMH, but I'm at work right now & can't remember the name of the paper pack I used, ribbon is from CTMH (chocoalte grossgrain), stickers & embellys from various sources.
I made this little album for a going away present for one of my bosses.
All of the guys who signed the back of it really liked it, so I'm sure my old boss will like it as well. I think it turned out great & am really proud of it - take a look~!Front



I didn't take a picture of the back where everyone signed as the messages are personal, but opposite the two middle sections is the message area.

1 comment:

  1. It's a beautiful album! Your boss is going to love it, and love the memories it brings back everytime he looks at it! He's going to miss you...who wouldn't miss an employee who would do something as special as this?!!

    And talk about missing...we miss you on the Stamp to Lose team! Good to see you posting again.